Anima Kingdom

by Cityslides

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Recorded live 10/8/10 - 10/9/10 in Cape May, NJ, by Mark Gunnery of Odonian Records. This is a culmination of three years worth the song writing, touring and rehearsals. It is a complete record of a project that started by playing on the streets of Baltimore in 2008. It is also the first full representation of a completely new genre we call "Streetgrass." The entire album will be available in January 2011.


released January 11, 2011

Drew Harris - Vocals and Guitar
John Decker - Slide guitar
Patrick Sutter - Keys
Victor Ruch - Violin
Ben Schmier - Bass

All songs written by: Drew Harris



all rights reserved


Cityslides Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Silver Rings
Waving goodbye, she sings
Listens to the dings
Of the silver rings
The air, the air, brings

Waving goodbye, she sings
Smells the burning
Of the leaves
The trees, the trees, brings

Waving goodbye, she sings
Just let them,
Let them be
Some rest, some rest and some peace

We'll see you again
Or maybe not
All that we got
Is dirt and sand

Return my friend
To that well again
Cry all you can
And then your gone
Then your gone
Gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
Track Name: Just War
Where did you go
My friend from the shore?
You used to be there, you 'aint there no more

I heard you died
At the hands of small men
And I don't think I understand

It's just war, it's just war, it's just war

Remember when
We wrote our names in the sand?
The tides came in and erased us again

And even though
we were so little then
I think we both did understand

It's just war, it's just war, it's just war
Track Name: Sin, Mystery, Creation
It's all in the same sentence
The beauty of remembrance
The lyric while I shed this
But no skin can ever lack

The feeling of the arrival
The standing test of my will
Well, it's all for nothing, nowhere
She's just a drop of water to me

And no matter how many moons
Stain her skin and bruise
The flicker of the riddling
She sends me through the air

With all that's lost recovering
In a time worth rediscovering
I was with a man just hovering
Through the ether in my mind

Just some sleep I do wish you
Dreams violent or peaceful
As you drift upon that driftwood
Washed up from a distant storm

Some shelter and a smile
Some time to weigh the pieces
Of the mystery that creates us
And then just swallows us entirely whole

But you memories with prove static
With a mind that eats the tragic
Spits the weight of my wit
Onto the floor with the melted rings

As the townsmen they cry at you
From their lonely spots beneath you
You neglect their eyes, but bleeding
Is your heart, stains on your sleeve
Track Name: Rainy Day Kids
When it rains and it pours
I don't think about the wars
About the bums and the whores
I think about the rainy day kids
And the looks they implore

Let it roll
Let it ride
And let it, oh
Take them home

Build them schools where they can learn
Build them bridges they won't burn
Give them something they can earn
And take them home

Give them food that they can eat
Not this cannibalized meat
And give them tools that they can use
Not just from the rich folks junk heap
And take them home

Let it roll
Let it ride
And take them home

Let it roll
Let it ride
Let it rise up inside
Let it swim in your mind
Let it trickle down your spine
And let it, oh, take them home

Let it spark
Let it burn
Let it make your stomach turn
Let it sing
Let it dance
Let it fall into a trance
And let it, oh, take them home
Track Name: Invisible Air
To all the bronze stars in the invisible air
The stench of the lonely everywhere
To the blood banks of the energies
And the wild green leaves of the seas

Explain this again to me how
It doesn't seem what is can be
But lives in every heart, in every eyeball, every soul
From the guts of you and me

Aren't we tearing it all down?
I mean, shouldn't we?
From the sewer signs in town
To the wrath we'll never come to see

Because the foaming wild leper seeks
The same use for his hungry teeth
And don't we all wish to feast
From the same cup of death dark tea?

I was sorry right then
Because right then I was wrong
And I was a man
When I was not hungry
Track Name: We Can Get Through, too
Murder predicts the back-beat
of the souls that tap the backstreet
That predicts the payment
and redirects the pavement

"Hey, we don't know where they went."
Stayed in place, but vanished
Thin air give back the language
So, we can get through, too
We can get through, too

Pick a door, any door
All of them, the same shore
All of them, the same foams
Diggin' up the same bones

Pickin' up the same tones
Sounds that shake my earphones
And the ghosts of old clones
The worships in the basement
The worships in the basement

Behind the backs of buildings
Life's new gloss and new things
You listen to the crowd sing
Their requiem for you

Missing at the table
A fork but not a plateful
You blame it on that fateful
Night, the stars lined up for you
Stars lined up for you

Between the sheets, head full of dreams
That make you sweat and clench your teeth
Victims speak of double-speak
Lips sink into the sand beneath

But up above the sky opens up
You're soaked beneath a naked sun
And all around in new tongues
Sing, "We can get through, too
We can get through, too."